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Make the Most of the Holidays

Working life and our normal routine stops for four days this weekend and four days next weekend.  Do you already have plans to make the most of the free time or are you at risk of frittering it away?

What would making the most of it be like for you?

For some people it’s to get together with friends or family’ for others it’s to get dug into the gardening chores, for others it’s to get away somewhere special – the beach, the countryside, or a resort abroad.  Whatever it is for you, be sure that you don’t just let the time pass you by, especially when we’re blessed with such exceptionally gorgeous weather.

Do spend some time outdoors – nature is a wonderful restorative for the soul, and so is relaxing with family and friends.  If you’ve been rushed off your feet, then maybe time to yourself is what you crave, whether that’s relaxing in the back garden with a book, or walking a woodland path surrounded by floods of bluebells.

This is a time of year so rich for all the senses.  Notice what you’r hearing – the birdsong always lifts my spirits.  Notice what you’re seeing – how can there be so many different tender hues of green?  Notice what you’re smelling – sometimes I wish I could just keep inhaling to draw in all the fragrant scents, bluebells and lilacs, choisya and viburnum, mahonia and fresh air.  What are you feeling – the warm, gentle breezes kissing your cheeks?

And be sure to end each day by recalling its pleasures and acknowledging your gratitude for them. This will draw them deeper into your memory and heart.

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