Find True Change in Central London


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See a picture of the address in Welbeck Street.

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  • Perry:

    Susan, I accidentally ran across your picture, and thus your website, when I was googling to find the DeMille Center for the son of a friend of mine who is having problems. Really thrilled to see your picture. You are as beautiful as ever. I am glad to see you are helping people. This must be much better for you than real estate. Hope you are happy. Hope the boys are doing well. Wish you a continued good life. Send me your email sometime and I will tell you more about my life – lots of ups and downs but I am doing well and very happy now with my life and what I am doing. If you are ever in NYC again, give me a ring and we can have dinner or lunch. I expect to be in London sometime in the next year for research on a book I am writing. When so, if you are free, perhaps we could have a meal and discuss old times and where we have gone with our lives. My best wishes for you always. Perry Fellwock 347-5952060 2932 Stanley Place, Oceanside NY 11572.

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