About Counselling

Counselling and Psychotherapy

You can create your own opportunities for growth and transformation from the inner journeys of life’s challenges using the companionship and wisdom provided by counselling and psychotherapy.

Counselling and psychotherapy can be a balm to the soul.

When our innermost thoughts and feelings are deeply and respectfully heard, something very special happens.  This supports the emergence of who we truly are as we free ourselves from the effects of trauma and stress.

As we begin to engage with the world in a more satisfying way, we approach our problems from a different perspective, trusting ourselves more, finding our own voice.  As we deepen our insight, we bring our inner convictions and dreams into positive action in the world.

Something very special happens when our innermost thoughts, feelings and experiences can be expressed, and are then deeply and respectfully heard. Counselling and psychotherapy can be a balm to the soul. As we engage in a therapeutic relationship that supports the emergence of who we truly are and are becoming, we begin to free ourselves from the layers of trauma and stress that may have buried our natural gifts and resilience. We can begin to engage with ourselves, others and the world in a more real and satisfying way and problems can be approached from a different perspective. We trust ourselves. We find our own voice. Confusion and conflict can be clarified, our deepest pain becomes more bearable and meaningful. As we deepen our insight into our purpose and direction in life, we can begin to bring our inner convictions and dreams into real action in the world.

Energy Psychology

Have you ever put your hand on your forehead when you’re stressed, or wrapped your arms around yourself when you’re scared or worried? Instinctively, you may have been drawn to touching some of the special places that link your physical body to the subtle energy system – the invisible vibrational matrix that surrounds us.

Energy psychology is based on the understanding that every disturbing memory, emotion, thought and impulse is associated with a disruption in our subtle energy system. Restoring balance and flow to these systems can effectively resolve emotional, physical and mental distress.

Energy Psychology is an umbrella term that covers a variety of techniques. Some (EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique and TAT/Tapas Acupressure Technique) involve you tapping on, touching or holding some of your acupuncture points. Others involve working directly with the flow of energy you can sense in your body (EmoTrance), or using special sentences to invoke the healing power of mental intention and your higher self (Logosynthesis). All can be gentle yet powerfully effective in facilitating and accelerating the process of change, and they have the benefit of being easy to use yourself at any time of the day of night, wherever you may be. If it feels right, we can use one of these approaches in our work together.

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Everyone "has a story that is not told and which as a rule no one knows of... It is their secret, the rock against which they are shattered." - Carl Jung